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"I received my silk top hat today (Hat #0559)...It is simply beautiful! Stunning! The quality is outstanding! I have two collapsible silk top hats that were made in the USA, and now I have your silk top hat which was professionally and personally restored by Mr. Meeuwis in the Netherlands at I must say that the silk plush top hat that I purchased from you is far more superior in quality than both of my top hats that were made in the USA.

I placed my order with your company less than two weeks ago, and I already received my hat in Charleston, South Carolina, USA... All the way from the Netherlands... In less than two weeks! The packaging of my hat was perfect... My hat was well-protected for its journey across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the United States. It gives me great pleasure and honor to own such a nice hat that was professionally and personally restored by Mr. Meeuwis in the Netherlands at Thank You Very Much! "
Glenn Cox, magician / goochelaar, USA

"My top hat arrived today in excellent order. Thank you very much for making this such an easy and pleasant transaction and always replying to my emails within a very short period. Your web site is very simple to navigate with all the relevant information and a good amount of photos of the products. Would recommend your services to all wishing to purchase a quality vintage topper at a very reasonable price. Many regards, "
Michael Cooke, Sydney - AUSTRALIA

"It was the second silk top hat we buy. The contact was very quick and efficient, the rapidity and carry out of your order, the package is good, the transport very quick and I received the top hat in better conditions. This silk top hat is very beautiful, of good value. Thank you Ton."
Monique Cocordan, Trèbes, France

"I was very pleased with the quality and condition of the hat I bought from you. The transaction was very quick and the hat arrived in only a few days to me in London. It was very well packaged. As you can see from my picture, it looks very nice! Thanks, "
Melanie Payne, London, UK


"The top hat was quickly dispatched, in secure packaging. It arrived very quickly in perfect condition. Ton communicated promptly and answered all my questions completely. The hat is beautiful and was very affordable. I plan to buy another when I can."
Phil Foster, USA

"Top hats are the most formal of all hats, and in my opinion, the silk ones are the most beautiful and distinguished of them all. Sadly, it is very difficult to find real silk top hats nowadays. There are several English hat stores that sell used silk top hats, but they sell them at ridiculously high prices; furthermore, they do not sell their hats online. One occasionally can find a silk top hat on eBay, but finding one that fits in wearable condition could take months or even years.

That being said, I was very excited when I discovered, which not only sells beautiful silk top hats, but sells them at reasonable prices and in excellent condition. Buying them is very easy now; all I had to do was email Ton Meeuwis and send a Paypal payment, which took only a few minutes. Ton responded immediately and was very nice, and my hat arrived in less than two weeks. This is impressive, as the hat had the Atlantic Ocean to cross! Thanks to Ton, people like me who live in the United States can now easily and affordably obtain a silk top hat."

"Ton, I must say that I find your site very good for our needs. Your response to our demands was very efficient, I loved the box you shipped out the hat in. Thanks for your concern for our requests..."
Mark, Cirque du Soleil, Canada

"The service was excellent, helpful and fast. The hat was delivered in near-perfect condition and there was only one small problem (with the brim) that was fixed (to as close to brand new condition as one could want) free of charge by the very helpful Ton Meeuwis. I can thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for a good value, high quality top hat from an efficient and helpful supplier."
Marek Nelken, London, UK

"The attention to detail and willingness to attend to my questions on the available stock of top hats was exemplary. The company reserved the Top hat that I had selected and offered to do so until I was certain over the next few days that this was indeed the top hat that I wanted.
My selection was an Opera hat. Over the few days, I then purchased the hat and it was delivered the next day. This was the fastest service of any item I have ever purchased on the web. When the order arrived, it fitted perfectly and was in perfect condition as had been promised. I found the service polite, efficient and highly informative.
As a general guide when using Ton's website: the first thing you should do is measure your head. Then having obtained the measurement, you should look for the available hats, which Ton has duly arranged in order of Hat size. You then select the hat and make the enquiry to confirm availability. I then made my payment safely via PayPal and sure enough, the hat arrived.
Everything I expected of the hat was delivered. Ton provides Hats in excellent condition. I would strongly recommend his company to anyone looking to acquire a Top hat. I looked around the web before I purchased and I found no equivalent supplier, who could offer equivalent stock, quality or value. I would buy again from Ton. It was a great service.
Yours sincerely,"
John Lyden, UK

Client with silk top hat"Ich muß sagen, dass Sie und Ihre Internetseiten allerbeste Seite, die mit der Hüte sich beschäftigen, sind. Ich bin jedes Ding ihm recht. Ausgezeichnete Kommunikation, schnelle Auslieferung, perfektivische Hüte. Allen kann ich empfehlen! Mit herzlicher Gruß,"
Viktor Přibyl, Czech Republic


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